Welcome, Mr. Janz.

Hello, Mr. Janz.  You don’t know me, but I’ve been writing about Devin Nunes for years.  I am so glad you are here.  If there is anything we can do to help you, please let us know.  For starters, I hope you don’t mind if I offer you some unsolicited advice.

On campaigning:

Go all in for women, for several reasons.  The utilitarian reason is that if you win, it will be because of women.  The bottomless fury of women right now is giving them cause to campaign and donate.  It is not possible to overestimate the ferocity and energy for change among women right now.  Devin Nunes has no claim on loyalty from local women.  He’s a natural bootlicker for strong men; I’ve never seen anything to indicate that he pays any attention to anyone he doesn’t consider powerful.  The only mention of women in eight years of his blog is the phrase “servicemen and women” on two occasions.  Devin Nunes isn’t the worst sexist out there, but he isn’t woke either.  When he wants to diminish a concept, he feminizes it.  Women’s issues (family health, drinking water, household finances, air quality, college affordability, land use and city planning, prison reform) are all wide open for you.  Claim them and ask for women’s support.  You’ll never win the Valley big boys against Nunes anyway.

On water policy:

This will be incredibly difficult.  There is one party line in the Valley and Nunes owns it.  (Although he’s gone erratically off-message before.)  Republicans and the rare Valley Democrat both vow to increase surface storage and end the ESA.  It will be incredibly hard to campaign on anything else and win; I would understand if you succumb to this.  But I think there are new power alignments in Valley water and that you could pull together a different water policy.

You could try a water policy based on clean drinking water for small communities in your district (completely ignored by Nunes) and by participating in the groundwater sustainability agencies’ planning efforts in your area.  I know, that’s so much time.  But people are gathering around those two nodes in water policy.  Again, you will never beat Nunes on big-ag water policy; he’s very creditably claimed that arena.  But clean drinking water for small communities and implementing the new groundwater laws are very important in your region, and still up for grabs.

If it would help, I would be happy to use whatever resources I have or know of to bring together a workgroup to help you craft a local, specific water policy. There are better local voices than mine, but if I can give you any assistance in shaping a new progressive direction for Valley water policy, I would be happy to.



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  1. Right on as usual…

  2. Noel Park

    Right on indeed. I’m in SoCal, a long way from the district but, on your recommendation, I’m in for a small campaign contribution. You can give the candidate my email, or let us know where to send them.

  3. You are sending this as an email to the campaign? I hope?

  4. Noel Park



  5. Heather B Greven

    the campaign manager for Janz can be reached at heather@andrewjanzforcongress.com

  6. Nancy gilmore

    Great!! Glad to see this kind of support.

  7. Matt

    I encourage everyone to donate at http://andrewjanzforcongress.org/ and also follow Mr. Janz on Facebook and Twitter. His Twitter account is @Janzforcongress and it is very active. Check it out, share it, and spread the word! Ca District 22 needs a person who will serve the public and a person who was raised in the area and is part of the community.

  8. Leyna

    You should do a post on safe drinking water issues. Californians would care, if they knew there was an issue…