Trump wrecked Nunes.

Less than a year ago, Westlands and the ag boys of California water had themselves a perfectly good Congressman.  Nunes was able and willing to carry whatever legislation they could develop to advance their water preferences.  But then Nunes found an even bigger authoritarian he could toady for, and Westlands lost their whole investment in Nunes.  Nunes was well-trained and well-placed; he could have done them a lot of good if Trump hadn’t turned his head.  Now poor Nunes is embarrassed, under investigation and won’t talk to the Fresno Bee.  If I were a big ag donor in the San Joaquin Valley, I’d be mad at Nunes for leaving his lane and floundering about.  Now they’re going to have to buy another one, train him up and install him.  What a waste of their time and money.



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4 responses to “Trump wrecked Nunes.

  1. Brad

    I guess you want them dumb enough to do what they’re told and smart enough to never forget whose power and money got them to high places. Devin let his importance go to his head, got into the deep end and discovered there’s sharks always hunting for a weak one.

  2. John Bass

    Let’s hope that the worst thing Trump wrecks is a toady for Westlands.

    • Sojourner Truth

      Amen brother. But Trump’s worshippers can’t deny that Trump “opened up the water”.
      After all, he was elected and then it rained.

  3. Bill Deaver


    Bill Deaver

    P.O. Box 1113 – Mojave CA 93502-1113

    661.824.8417 – 661.754.3090 (Mobile)

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