Outwardly pleasant.

Hello.  Would any of you lovely people like to hire me to do water policy work?  Things are fine here; my job is solid.  But my side project was very exhilarating and leaves me in a mood for steep learning curves and new thoughts. I know there’s nothing you want more in your office than an opinionated, foul-mouthed co-worker, and here I am, potentially interested!  Please email me at onthepublicrecord@gmail.com if you have an opportunity for me in the Sacramento area.  Thank you, all!


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4 responses to “Outwardly pleasant.

  1. how i wish i had a water policy job to offer you! i bet you’d be way fun at a company picnic.

  2. Celeste Cantu

    Apply for sawpa GM. Job available June 30. Bob Murray is the head hunter.

    Celeste Cantú
    General Manager
    Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
    11615 Sterling Ave.
    Riverside, CA 92503
    (951) 354-4229 office
    (951) 712-2031 cell

    • onthepublicrecord

      That is tremendously flattering, but I’ve got to be in Sacramento.

  3. Sojourner Truth

    This is non-responsive to your post, but I think there is a good topic for a fresh post. KVPT (PBS Channel 18, Fresno) is airing a 4-part series called “tapped out” about the CVP/SWP. Plusses about the 2 shows I have seen are 1) gorgeous cinematography and 2) some balance in viewpoint. Minuses about the 2 shows I have seen include some of the worst of the farm interest talking points including “the gubmint needs to deliver 100% of my contract and then get out of the way of my rugged individualism” and some doltish Modesto Supervisor claiming that we need to quit “mismanaging the forests” so they will deliver more water.