I comment on the water news in California. Perennial themes on the blog seem to be:

Agriculture and water use in California.
Adjusting to increasing scarcity; managed retreat.
Deconstructing rhetoric; adding context.
Our messed-up governance, especially special districts.
Reviewing reports.

I welcome questions on water related stuff (CVP and SWP service areas only, please) and try to review reports when people send them my way.

3 responses to “About

  1. Jane Wagner-Tyack

    You won’t want to miss (and probably haven’t) the new report on the water/energy nexus from the Carnegie Endowment on Mapping California’s Oil-Water Risks. http://carnegieendowment.org/2014/01/15/mapping-california-s-oil-water-risks/gyiu?reloadFlag=1
    Sorry – if you’re like me, you already have way too much to read. So good to hear from you again, whoever you are. (I have a couple of anonymous online personae, so I understand.) I’m Jane Wagner-Tyack at Restore the Delta, but I’m not using that email here because I have wider-than-RTD water concerns.

  2. Great blog. I write on water issues (water boards especially) at Surf City Voice, off and on.

  3. Tricia Parker Hamelberg

    I’m a fish bio who lives/works in Red Bluff surrounded by almond and walnut orchards. I am concerned about the Trump tariffs and how that may impact the economy here. I don’t know how exactly how to connect the dots. Can you help spell it out for those of us who aren’t ag economists?

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