Doesn’t add up.

LATER: Turns out that Net Cropped Acreage is the wrong metric. That’s how many acres are planted; not the number harvested. In 2009, only 360,000 acres were harvested in Westlands.

Looks to me like cropped acreage is at a 15 year high.
I got curious about fallowed acreage, since people keep saying different things. Sen. Feinstein, for example, said “over 400,000 acres of farmland have been fallowed.” So far as I know, that is mostly on the west side (hearing no anecdotes to the contrary). Westlands WD generously keeps their crop reports online (Westlands, then News & Information, then Reports, the Crop Acreage Reports). So I graphed them. Hmmm.

1. I’m not seeing the problem here. (Perhaps the problems are rising costs of water, using salty groundwater, subsidence.  The problem is not acres-out-of-commission.)
2. Their reported fallowed acreage for 2009 was 156,239 acres. Where are the other hundreds of thousands of fallowed acres?
3. I was paying attention in 2001. I don’t remember hysterical pronouncements about Government Created Dust Bowl!!!

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  1. David Carle

    Thanks for digging this out. What also seems to be left out of recent news coverage is the long-term effort to fallow about 150,000 or more acres to address the selenium runoff issue.