In other years, black or Asian kids have gotten thirsty.

I took my first hard look at the cover for the draft Water Plan and I laughed and laughed and laughed. The images are standard, kid drinking, sprinklers on ag*, governance, nature, clouds. Whatever. Then! The ONE picture of the Delta is of a levee break (Franks Tract?). Yep. That’s the one thing you need to know about the Delta. Levees break. Guess we need a Peripheral Canal, then.







*Solid set, not hand more. You see how the throw area overlaps? That means all those sprinklers stay there and water the field for the whole season. Solid set. Hand move sprinklers are at much wider intervals. After they irrigate an area, the line gets broken down and moved to the outside of its throw pattern. (The ones in that picture are wheellines, but the thing I’m trying to show is the far apart spacing.) That’s how you tell solid set and hand move sprinklers apart from a distance. The spacing.

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