Sorry for the long absence.

I’m mulling posts, but not finishing them. No doubt I’ll write them all in an un-paced blast. This is why I’m not one of those bloggers pulling down the big dollars. In the queue:

1. I don’t think a water market is the end-all, because I am not convinced I support an economically efficient distribution of water. Surprisingly, some of Yglesias’s commenters got that right.
2. Three years of drought has revealed our brittle our water system is, physically, socially and legally.
3. More on limited response capacity at the water district level, mostly self-inflicted by the decision to keep rates low. I blame motherfucking Howard Jarvis. For just about everything.
4. I owe you government documents! Obscure ones! But I don’t have any in my sights. I am betraying the theme of the blog and the banner. I must do better.

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