Variations on a theme

We’ve been waiting for quite a long span

While our rivers and fish are less than.

The VSAs are no more

State Board, do what you’re for

And finish the Bay-Delta Plan


Westlands quit with a flounce and walked out

VSA’s are all over, no doubt

There’s no hope for a deal

Let the State Board reveal

A hearing schedule to save steelhead trout.


Trump issued a bullshit Bi-Op

Which brought Agreements to a dead stop

Now the rivers can’t wait

State Board, deliberate!

Please resume your duty as cop.


State Board, its time now, you must

Make river flows that are robust

Please do not cave

Our fish you must save

Please enforce our State’s Public Trust




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5 responses to “Variations on a theme

  1. John Ragozzino

    Lakes are full, The drought has gone, Find a new issue, This one is Bull.

    • onthepublicrecord

      Only the slightest of re-arrangements would turn this into a rhyming couplet; this comment came thisclose to joining the theme for this post.

  2. Craig

    Mediocre rule is today’s recipe
    With consequences too plain to see;
    The fish are agape in a dry drought landscape
    When tough choices our leaders flee.

    The answer is that some must not prevail:
    Big ag, small minds, all should fail;
    For the people instead, water the redds,
    And let courage put wind in your sail.

  3. onthepublicrecord

    Ag pronunciation

    Our fish are going through hell
    They need instream flows to do well
    Instead of our salmon
    We have too many almonds
    Please save them, Chair Esquivel

  4. onthepublicrecord

    Urban pronunciation

    Our fish are going through hell
    They need instream flows to do well
    We can’t have nice salmonids
    ‘Cause of too much almonids
    Please save them, Chair Esquivel