Try a NEW futile water effort.

Seriously. Some of us have been at this for decades and this re-run business is killing us. Newsom administration, if you are going to spend everything you’ve got on a futile effort, you should do one that we haven’t seen before. Brown re-ran his exact same failed thing: the Peripheral Canal. You seem to be trying the “work with the water users for Quantifiable Objectives” and we all know how that ends. Why don’t you try a new project? I mean, the Community Water Center tried a new thing and it actually worked.

  • Run a proposition to define “reasonable use”, with priority for environmental and direct human use. Or go big. Run a proposition to revise water rights. Seriously. Pander to the 37 million urban users and farms under 300 acres and it could pass.
  • Run a bill/proposition to re-form water agencies, so they aren’t powerful agencies that fight you all the time and have larger missions than “turn rivers into money for landowners”.
  • Huge R&D and tech things. I mean, that’s not my forte, but I hear you Bay Area people like that shit and there is room for transformation.
  • Re-making ag and the Central Valley so it isn’t some feudal bullshit descended from the model of slavery. Turn the east side of the Valley into collaborative farms that grow food for Californians. Take land use planning, social justice and food security seriously.

If you’re going to make a giant effort that expends all your cred, why not do one where the sides aren’t dug in and rehearsed every ten years? Why not do one that is interesting to me?


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5 responses to “Try a NEW futile water effort.

  1. Noel Park

    Amen Sister! Preach on!

  2. Jon (Goebbels) Hoge

    Well I guess starving water to destroy farms is a novel idea. But all these other ideas of land reform justice are like 100 years old and have been tried and tried. The result is always impoverishment of the populace, enrichment of government officials, and tens of millions of dead. As Malcolm Muggeridge said “All news is just old news happening to new people.”

  3. Jeff Michael

    I vote for huge R&D, tech things.