A few last thoughts on the San Joaquin Valley Water Blueprint (5 of 3)

The San Joaquin Valley Water Blueprint is some jacked up bullshit. This is facially evident. Everything in it is either a project undergoing realistic evaluation now or projects that have been rejected time and again, usually for a cost-benefit analysis but occasionally because someone found the will to protect the environment.

I can’t fault the Friant Water Authority for throwing it out there. Trump loves him some jacked up bullshit, thinks analyses are for losers and doesn’t care about costs*. So this is a great moment on the federal side. What I don’t get is why the Newsom Administration is playing along. I mean, I’ve been to a Portfolio listening session or two, and they sound real friendly about considering everything and thinking big, and maybe the big ag guys are hearing the standard smooth talk and taking it personally. But that’s not what it sounds like in the meeting minutes I quoted from. I won’t speculate yet, because I can’t put any of the options politely. I am reassured though, by the imminent release of the Resilience Portfolio. It will be out by October, and then we’ll know what the Newsom Administration is made of.

I will likely keep adding thoughts to this post; while I generally try to keep my posts static, please be aware that this one may change by more than small edits.

*Because he doesn’t pay them. To the end of my days, I will never understand why the Trump campaign didn’t end with the revelation that he stiffs his contractors. AW SHIT. Newsom Administration, DO NOT FRONT ANY MONEY FOR ANY OF THIS. Friant Water Authority, Exchange Contractors and the SLDMCA, you can front the Trump Administration whatever money you want. I’m sure he’ll get you back.


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2 responses to “A few last thoughts on the San Joaquin Valley Water Blueprint (5 of 3)

  1. Noel Park

    I can only agree with you re “sustainability”. When the likes of Stephen Ross, who throws $250K a plate fundraisers for Drumpf, cites “sustainability” as one of his core corporate values, the word has lost all meaning and descended into PR babble. And “resilience” is about to join it if the likes of the SJVWB gain any traction with Gavin.

  2. David Cehrs

    Hello – I first heard of the SJ Blueprint at the May ACWA conference in the Ag Committee. After Jason Phillips’ talk, to the Ag Committee, I lit into him and he had no come backs. My main objection is that the Blueprint folks are after pie in the sky. They have not done their due diligence, especially on the economics of the project. I keep telling these folks, according to the PPIC report ag can only afford $300-500/AF water. The marginal cost of water is either $2100/AF out of Carlsbad desal or $5300/AF that Vidovich sold his water to the Mojave Water Authority. In either case if these guys do find some water, and I don’t think they will find much as the Sac Valley I.D.’s are now under SGMA and will need the excess Shasta water, the urbans will easily out bid them for the water. They also talk about needing to build Sites, Temperance Flat, tunnels, and cross valley infrastructure. If it cost $1.2 billion to repair the spillway at Oroville and down in the SJ Valley the estimate to repair the dam at Lake Success is $600 million, I don’t see how they can build a new dam for less than $10-12 billion . The cost of water out of a dam that costly ag can not afford, even if there is water available.
    David Cehrs, Ph.D., Hydrology, I also farm east of Fresno