I worry about his edge effect.

We all know that in CA water, gallons are a bullshit unit, used to make a tiny amount of water sound big, like skajilliyons and frapilliyon gallons. (I will admit the use of gppd.) But I have finally found the right place to apply gallons.

Perhaps you saw that last year, people in his district realized that Nunes went straight from college to Congress and has never actually farmed. He has never drawn any on-farm income. He is what he looks like: a salaryman in a suit. They sued to get the designation “farmer” off Nunes’ ballot description, seeing as how he doesn’t earn farm income, nor own a farm, nor work on a farm.

Since last year, Nunes bought $15K worth of farm in his district. That turns out to be about 100sq-ft of farm (10 feet by 10 feet). There was much hilarity on Twitter about Nunes’ farm. But we are not here to mock. Surely a man can love his 100sqft of farm as deeply as a 100 acre farm. We are true agriculturalists here, and would like to help him with some calculations.

With 100 sq-ft, Representative Nunes has slightly less than one-third the spacing recommended for one almond tree. I cannot in good conscience recommend to Nunes that he plant a third of an almond tree. Without knowing what he plans to grow, it is hard for me to narrow his irrigation options. Three ten-foot long furrows? At least he would not have to contend with a wheel row. Surely not hand moves, nor a linear move system. One solid set sprinkler should accommodate his needs. Or, you know, a roll of garden drip tape from the local nursery.

We can calculate his water needs.  I assume no pollinator strip and full cover planting.

100sqft is 0.00229568 acres. He ought to be able to get very high distribution uniformity on his acreage, and most crops take about 3.5af/a-year.

Rep. Nunes will need about 0.00803488af/year for his crops. (I apologize for the sig figs, friends. You understand my difficulties here. I don’t want to cheat Rep. Nunes of any of his needed farm water. Think of the farm jobs at stake!)

Even I cannot properly comprehend 0.00803488 acre-feet of water. Finally. After decades in the business, I have found an appropriate use for gallons. Mr. Nunes’ farm will require 2,620 gallons of water/year.


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9 responses to “I worry about his edge effect.

  1. Melinda

    The odious falsity of the man. It burns.

  2. Can’t he grow tomatoes? The world is desperately short of them, just check any supermarket.


    • onthepublicrecord

      For the record, I personally grow more than 100sqft of tomatoes.

  3. Anonymous

    Maybe he can grow self respect, its pretty easy and something that requires very little space. Some times a chair will help if you think it will grow slowly. The other benefit is very little water is required, a small fraction of 2,620 gallons (assuming a 8 oz glass). He could donate the balance to a needy almond farmer.

  4. Noel Park

    Laugh all you want. Last fall we went on a road trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon. On the way home we traveled through Visalia. The proliferation of Nunes for Congress signs was breathtaking. They must have been the biggest cash crop in the county. So it looks like the little schmoe is going to be around for a good long time.

    As for donating his spare water to a needy almond farmer, how about poor old Stuart Resnick? He must be pretty needy if he has to buy it from Mr. Vidovich.

    • Melinda

      I live in the Southern Sierra. It breaks my heart when I have to go down to the Valley and see the Nunes signs. They think he’s actually a farmer fighting for them. Sob….(considered capitalizing those letters. Took the high road)

  5. Phil

    Perhaps a limited hemp adventure?

  6. Phil Isenberg

    lad: Very amusing and informative post on Nunes the Farmer. Thanks

  7. Anonymous

    Plastics? They say it is the future.