Fresno, May 19th. Readers represent!

A reader sent this to me.  This seems like a nice way to celebrate a big setback for Temperance Flats dam.CV CA Progressive Water Policy Brainstorm Flyer


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8 responses to “Fresno, May 19th. Readers represent!

  1. Noel Park

    It’s nice to see that Temperance Flat got low priority, but the funding of Pacheco Creek is a travesty and a clear quid pro quo to get the Santa Clara Water District to fund the “twin tunnels”

    BuRec studies have clearly shown that the Pacheco Creek dam project has a negative cost-benefit ratio. Just another unnecessary environmental disaster.

  2. Pragmatic Ag Type

    I’ll be interested to see what emerges from this. It would be disappointing if the answer is “conservation and recycling,” unless we’re ready to abandon ag for the valley (and the cities and communities clustered around 99).

    • Noel Park

      As OTPR has said so many times, a large % of the current farmland in the SJV will inevitably be retired, as there is simply not enough water to go around. She has said that the areas on the east side, which would presumably include the 99 corridor, are more sustainable. The west side including, but not limited to Westlands, not so much.

      I personally suspect that the end game of Westlands, et al, is to hang on long enough to get the taxpayers to buy them out and fallow the land. Whereupon they can all retire to Carmel.

    • onthepublicrecord

      I will also be disappointed if “conservation and recycling” are a large part of the result. Solutions based on present-day bias and incremental responses are already obsolete.

  3. Pragmatic Ag Type

    @Noel Park, many in the valley are aware of your first point, although even the eastside has some long-term sustainability problems. I only brought up the eastside because this flyer focuses on Temperance, and the eastside stands to benefit first from a dam in that location under current project formulations.

  4. Saul Travers

    I hope to be forgiven the inherent rudeness of posting off-topic.
    But there is something I don’t understand. The OTPR posting(a few posts back)about the Arax story referenced “salinity incursions”. The Arax story talked about how water coming out of the Dudley Ridge canal was “salty”. I don’t understand where the referenced “salt” was coming from. Doesn’t Dudley Ridge water come from the SWP which is pretty fresh? Even if the ultimate source of some of that water was deep well mining from near Pixley, isn’t that water still pretty fresh?

  5. ScottM

    Oh, it’s too bad that I missed this; the big red church is my polling place… a 5 minute stroll away.

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what came of this event? My valley connections are, err, not aligned with this group, so I haven’t heard any scuttlebutt.