A separate entity to run the SWP and CVP.

A bill proposed by Assemblyman James Gallagher which would take the State Water Project out of the hands of the state Department of Water Resources passed unanimously on Tuesday through a legislative committee.

Assembly Bill 3045 passed 15-0 through the Assembly Water, Parks, and Wildlife Committee and is now headed to the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

For the record, I think that this is a fantastic idea.  I believe the Assembly Committeee suggested that the new operating entity be headed by an appointed nine-person board.  Gallegher is exactly right when he says that DWR is co-opted by the SWC.  Further, the new entity that receives the SWP should also acquire the CVP and operate them jointly.

Link, although the text there doesn’t yet reflect yesterday’s conversation within the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife.


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2 responses to “A separate entity to run the SWP and CVP.

  1. Yes, absolutely a good idea, especially if it includes the CVP as well. Pity that Jim Fraser’s attempt to wind up the DSC and transfer its functions to the DPC failed. Interesting that the water exporters were the ones speaking in favor of retaining the DSC. Indicates that they think the DSC helps them rather than the Delta!

  2. Robert Kunde

    Yes, absolutely a good idea. The governor appoints nine members to run the State Water Project. No requirement the appointees have any relationship to the State Water Project, or to any party who actually pays the costs of operating the State Water Project. Governor could appoint 9 members of Restore the Delta, or 9 members of Metropolitan Water District, or 9 members from wildlife refugees, or… And the accountability mechanism for these 9 members is ???

    Yes, this is a great idea!