Hello friends.  I’ve gotten absorbed into a good project.  For the moment, I don’t have time to think about water policy.  I will be back in a couple months.  All is well.

Have a good Spring!


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7 responses to “Hiatus

  1. Noel Park

    Best of luck and thanks for all you’ve done.

  2. No worries, OTPR, we gaurantee the issues will be around when you’re ready to return to them!

  3. Jim Kelly

    Good to know enjoy your project!

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  4. Phil Isenberg

    I am confident your ‘good project’ has something to do with cleaning up the mess in Washington. FBI, CIA or can’t you comment on this?

    Please do the job in a couple of weeks, and then come back with entertaining stories. Your loyal OTPR readers anxiously await your return.

  5. clew

    Strength to your arm!