Feinstein running again?

She says probably, but she has screwed the environmental water community fairly regularly.  I don’t think her hold on the seat is nearly as secure as everyone says.  She’s never in California and hasn’t been for years.  There is considerable room for someone to run to the left of her.  Any of the big names who wants that seat should run for it, especially someone with an environmental focus.  She should have to campaign, and have to justify the water compromises she is willing to make.  They aren’t appropriate from a Democrat.


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11 responses to “Feinstein running again?

  1. Anonymous

    I’m game.

  2. Feinstein has dug herself into an (infiltration) ditch by being so unaccountable to the Bay Delta watershed. If water does have a memory, it will not forget her actions. I have already convinced people as to her negligence as regards the natural water cycle. Should she run again, the opposition will be great from ethical water keepers.

    • Diane Livia

      Dr. Dougherty, do you have a website? I’d like to see more of your work.

  3. Brad

    Can we please just get some new blood in her seat? Her views on so many things ossified ages ago. And as always, she’s tainted by her great wealth and that of her friends. She has no idea what life is like for the average Californian.

  4. Lochhead, Carolyn

    So I hear

    Carolyn Lochhead
    Washington Correspondent
    San Francisco Chronicle
    USE OFFICE 202-263-6573
    M: 202-368-5871

    • unapologetic misfit

      There’s a new organization called justicedemocrats.com
      Their reason for being is to assist challengers to neoliberals like Feinstein who are too accommodating of corporate interests. Check them out- I saw this originally on “The Young Turks”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOTsK_WGNAc

    • unapologetic misfit

      I’m sorry, I forgot- this is rather controversial , but the Yes California campaign is now sending out petitions. I know that it won’t amount to anything, but it feels very good to vent.

  5. Anonymous

    John Scott, NO WAY, find an environmentalist that supports people and not profits. Do not sacrifice the Delta, Nor/Cal economy for Stuart Resnick, her #1 campaign contributor from Beverly Hills & Westlands/Paramont Ranch.

  6. Jon Hoge

    I totally agree we really need someone with an environmental focus. Someone who will finally stand up to the human interests that have destroyed the Delta and will truly put the fish first. A true environmental candidate will push to destroy the Delta levees and depopulate the destructive and polluting delta and riverside communities that have for too long sacrificed Delta habitat for their own gain. We need a candidate who finally has the courage to spend the billions necessary to resurrect the 8 million dollar California commercial fishery. It can’t happen soon enough!

  7. Saul Travers

    Is there an underlying assumption that the recently passed WIIN water bill constituted an environmental “screwing”? I am not sure that is the case. I do think it had some culture-war flavor elements, but I am not so certain that the practical effect will be much. Biological science opinions still moderate the flow through the Delta and it is not clear to me that these people will be doing much differently due to this bill. The federal ESA and the California ESA are still the law.

    What I don’t like about the bill is that it seems like the usual park-barrel stupidity. As I understand it, it spends about $11 billion and California sends in about 12% of federal revenue. Multiply that, and you will find that we send in about $1.32 billion to get back about $550 million.

    • Diane Livia

      thanks for the accounting. enlightening. That said, the issue of how much water runs in the rivers is not cultural. And, it’s not at all clear how well the SWRCB will adhere to science when it makes its decisions. ESA and CESA are malleable.