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If they are prepping to sell the National Parks…

Now would be an excellent time for California to buy the CVP.

ADDED 1/26:  In 2010, the Little Hoover Commission proposed spinning off the State Water Project into its own agency (similar to the ISO for the electric grid, I believe).  I’d suggest buying the CVP and putting both the projects under the same state agency, as the LHC suggested.  Further, there is some urgency in doing this before Westlands gets a huge giveaway from their new friends in DC.


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Feinstein running again?

She says probably, but she has screwed the environmental water community fairly regularly.  I don’t think her hold on the seat is nearly as secure as everyone says.  She’s never in California and hasn’t been for years.  There is considerable room for someone to run to the left of her.  Any of the big names who wants that seat should run for it, especially someone with an environmental focus.  She should have to campaign, and have to justify the water compromises she is willing to make.  They aren’t appropriate from a Democrat.


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