Good luck, SGMA!

Since June 2015, growers have planted 77,000 new acres of almonds and 27,000 acres of re-plants.  That’s more than 300,000 af/year of water demand every year for the next couple decades.  Growers made that choice in 2015, in Drought Year 5, in full knowledge of SGMA.


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8 responses to “Good luck, SGMA!

  1. May Day

    It’s a race to the bottom! Wheeee!

  2. John

    This is how free enterprise works in
    America… least for now. Enjoy!

  3. UGH! This is not going to end well. These actions are just going to expedite the inevitable. Maybe that’s a good thing?

  4. Michael

    Is there anyone in the business who can explain and defend this? I have been traveling north through the southern San Joaquin Valley several times a year for the past eight years. As the drought continued and worsened, as the local poor in many communities’ wells went dry, as the earth sank, I would still see new tree and grape plantings going in. In the midst of this environmental disaster the ag industry spins the problem with signs along the road posting a kid asking “Is growing food wasting water?” This came after trying to blame Pilosi for the drought and water shortages. To John above. Yes you are right this is free enterprise and this is exactly why conservatives and capitalists will never be able to have a political system with less government because they are not capable of governing themselves in a way that does not screw the little guy or the environment.

    I have relatives who are third generation almond growers. What I worry about is the likelihood that these long time small farmers will get pushed out by international and super wealthy American investors.

    And then it will all be Obama’s fault.

    Thank you OTPR

  5. Diane Livia

    And our State government, in the form of the legislature, the governor, the SWRCB, the courts do nothing to stop this. Are central valley residents still able to light their tap water on fire?

  6. Harold

    Are you kidding? More Almonds???

  7. Saul Travers

    These new plantings are only laying the foundation for the coming undermining of the SGMA. I know it would never happen, but I wish the timetable for SGMA implementation would get moved up by 10 years.