Couple quick notes:

I don’t mean to be only arguing for the new water rights system I proposed.  I’m not even that attached to my suggestion.  I would love to argue pros and cons with someone else’s proposed water rights system and be converted to support a different concept.  (No, not stupid markets based on the current water rights system.)  But so far I haven’t seen anyone else put one on the table.  Come on, brilliant writers.  No more pieces showing how our janky system came to be and why it isn’t working.  Tell us what the good new system should be.


I am going on an unplugged vacation.  No posts until September.  All is well.  I do not expect to disappear indefinitely this time.  See you when I get back.  Have a wonderful month.


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3 responses to “Couple quick notes:

  1. Jill Golis

    Have a great vacation. You do terrific work. Don’t you dare disappear in the middle of a drought, though!

    Jill Golis >

  2. Luisa

    What Jill said. Don’t be a stranger!

  3. delveg

    Enjoy your unplugged vacation. I hope it proves super rejuvenating!