Couple of great water blogs that are new to me.

I am blown away by this new blog in Los Angeles, digging into UWMPs and water supply policy. Very strong sourcing, analysis and conclusions. Like me, the author loves big concrete. If he or she doesn’t already know of FOVICKS, let this link be my welcoming gift to the neighborhood.

The Valley Citizen:
I’ve linked it here before, but only recently gone back to read through the archives. I’ve gotten great leads from the regional round-up (and been grateful for a nice mention) and a lot of good local insight.

I am always grateful for blogs that produce content, don’t reflect a predictable advocate’s position and convey the specifics of their topic. These two are great.


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2 responses to “Couple of great water blogs that are new to me.

  1. Anonymous

    Aguanomics is another blog

  2. Name

    in April post “large landscaping demands”, you
    can remove any part of link with utm_
    utm is cheap tracking.

    On almonds.
    they grow and crop own-rooted in valleys of n ca inner coast, east of Oakland hills.
    there are seedlings in Fremont hills, but I don’t know how well they crop.
    I didn’t research thoroughly, but the sjv growers plant almond on peach or peach hybrid rootstock, for faster growth perhaps.
    peach is not an arid summer species and sjv is a high evapotranspiration region.