Good. Land use and a public goods charge are the real issues.

This is a great story about the Delta Plan; one I’m surprised has taken this long to coalesce. The City of Stockton is exactly right to bring up this objection to the Delta Plan, that it may impose limits on local development. Personally, I think the idea that the state can impose limits on local growth that stresses our water system or imposes new flood risks is a fucking fantastic idea, and only wish the state had started doing that fifty years ago, before the Pocket and Natomas were built out. But yeah, the City of Stockton has accurately sussed out that the Delta Plan would mean a whole new era of tying local land use to water and flood conditions. I wouldn’t have minded if that had slipped by unnoticed but gotten adopted. But I also don’t mind if it is explicitly debated, so go Stockton. So long as the Delta Council holds the line on that (because it makes perfect sense), it is at least a new and interesting facet of this conversation.

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  1. Chris Gulick

    Toulumne County and Sonora, among others, have already been squealing about this for awhile and you are correct, this is an idea who’s time is long overdue. There should be no difference in application between municipalities in the primary and/or secondary zones of the delta and those dependent on water diverted from the watershed that feeds into the delta or is exported from it. All municipalities that discharge to any watershed should be required to meet the same level of scrutiny as Sacramento is undergoing currently for it’s sewage discharges. And hey, why stop there ?
    Any municipality or end user of waters exported from the delta should be required to meet the same discharge quality as the City of Sacramento is facing. Why Not ? Animals know you don’t crap where you drink.

    I’d be very disappointed if the Delta Plan winds up being used as a tool to pick winners and losers in the developement game.