Opposition to Nunes’ bill.

I wanted to second a point in this editorial in the Redding Searchlight. Their representative, who is Republican and usually a resource extractor, came out against Rep. Nunes’ bill in the house even though the other people speaking out against the bill are largely environmentalists. My goodness! Such a strange alliance.

But the editorial points out that even though their representative properly loathes environmentalists and it must have pained him to oppose something they also oppose, Nunes’ bill would likely threaten north state water interests.

Herger? Until Wednesday, he’d taken no official stand. Loyalty to GOP colleagues and Herger’s philosophy that resources should be put to productive use would argue in favor, but his own district’s direct interests pulled in the other direction.

Y’all, there is no principle in water politicking. There is only protecting your own water use. Property rights, political party loyalty, fervent belief in the appropriative system of water rights, environmentalism, ag solidarity, historic alliances? Nope. Scarcity is coming. We’re in the era of protecting one’s own. Of course we are. This is water, necessary to lifestyle, production and existence. What else could people do?

The implication is that if you need to know how someone’s going to stand on a water issue, decide if it helps or hurts their existing uses of water. Don’t look at anything else. If you need them to side with you despite putting their water use at risk, buy them out with something they want even more, as we see in the proposed water bond. Don’t think principle will sway them. How could it against the reality of not having water?


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2 responses to “Opposition to Nunes’ bill.

  1. DeltaRose

    It’s a shame all of this has to continually come down to ‘environmentalist’ vs ‘conservative’ vs ‘farmers’ vs ‘fish’ vs. North vs South etc. when Rep. Herger actually got it right. Opposing Nunes’ idiotic bill based upon Area of Origin laws is the correct thing to do regardless of party affiliation.

    We all know that Rep. Nunes’ strings are being pulled by WWD, Resnicks, et al and I can say this, the puppeteers are getting their puppet’s performance and some sham of a ‘return’ on their ‘investment’ in his campaign. In another life, time and place I might have an ounce of pity for the fool. However, as everyone knows when the Piper wants to be paid, it’s his ‘pipe’ that gets blown.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    I am far more comfortable dealing with those who’s motives are apparent, even Devin Nunes ( I know, crazy huh ? ). At least we know who pulls his strings.
    The unfortunate truth is we live in an era where political decisions are swayed more by how much is contributed financially and far less by the will and well being of the majority.Water is just one example.
    Money goes where water flows and money buys influence.