Alright. You win, net nanny.

I miss my blog too much. I bought a domain name, so tomorrow I hope to be able to see it at work. If it worked, other folks at departments in Resources will be able to follow links from Aquafornia to This costs me $25 per year that I shouldn’t have to pay. The system was working just fine before. But I will, because I want to talk about water to other water people. It might still not display, because it is still run on wordpress software. I’ll find out.

Perhaps you know that Gov. Brown has issued travel restrictions for state workers? They’re incredibly disruptive, especially considering that the state’s water directive is regional water management. We can’t go out to the regions now. Perhaps that is reasonable. The budget crunch is real; perhaps we want the money saved from travel more than we want accelerated implementation of regional water management. (If you believe state participation is a help, which you might not.) But we’re trapped in our own districts now, with less access than ever to what is going on out there at the local and regional level. You know what would help us keep up with the situation out there? Local blogs. Reading what other voices are saying in the field today. But we can’t do that. We’re wasting a free resource at a time when we need all the free resources we can get.


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6 responses to “Alright. You win, net nanny.

  1. Spike

    Presumably this means I’ll have to update my RSS reader to get the feed off of your new site. Where is the RSS link?

  2. onthepublicrecord

    I’ll put an RSS link up in a sec, but my impression was that the whole site was mapped over, and links to the will now get people to Did you find this in your feed this morning? It is the new URL.

  3. Anonymous

    I read OTPR via an RSS feed and I got this post and the comments just fine. Clicking through took me to the .org address.

  4. Spike

    Yeah, I guess I did find it in my RSS this morning, so I guess its all good.

  5. onthepublicrecord

    Glad to hear it.

  6. I’m so glad you’re back. You’ve been missed!