Welcome back, Governor Brown.

Who’d a thought it. A Brown back in the California governor’s seat. I hope we get the Jerry Brown that we’ve seen as Attorney-General recently; he’s been so aggressive on climate change, in CEQA and municipal General Plans. I’m anxious to see who he picks for head of Resources and appoints to the State Board. It it so easy to reduce CA water politics to the question of the Peripheral Canal, but an administration that were dedicated to preparing the state for climate change could do an awful lot with any number of lead-ins. It could become very serious about in-stream flows. It could back the Department of Fish and Game in clashes with DWR. The State Board could interest itself in the question of what is ‘reasonable and beneficial use’? An administration that wanted to prepare the state for coming water scarcity could make 20 X TwentyXX a floor, instead of a goal. It would be pretty fascinating to have a Dept. of Water Resources that didn’t fundamentally think of itself as a water delivery agency.

Should be an interesting few years in California water politics. I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. TChris

    Jerry “Water-Beam” Brown. I voted for that guy!