It will turn on us, too.

A Russian scholar wrote an intemperate article saying that America is deliberately causing climate change as an act of war.  I suppose that if your wheat harvest for the year were wiped out by drought and your capital city were choked in smoke, you might well think you’d been attacked.  I wish we were purposefully causing climate change, for any reason.  Then we could stop doing it.  The fact that climate change is the unseen by-product of the convenience of our lives makes it far harder to stop contributing to the problem.

If climate change is an American weapon, it is a poorly aimed one.  For some reason, we’re pointing this weapon at phytoplankton, who were probably disrespectful that one time.  We’ve slashed it across iceshelves and glaciers, who were no doubt talking about us behind our backs.  Our weapon boosts floods in countries we then help and hots up fires in countries that feed the world.  Sometimes this weapon just dries out countries that feed the world. As weapons go, it is an indiscriminate one.  Sure would be nice to turn it off.

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