Jerry Brown is still not talking about water.

Candidate for governor Jerry Brown released two more campaign plans, on education and the environment.  He is still not talking about water.  Can’t blame him.  The field is turbulent and polarized right now; declaring himself on anything related to the Delta (and everything is related to the Delta) can only make people mad.  Personally, I would love for him to come out with some strong statement.  Folks in the agencies are reading tea leaves and entrails, wondering whether our on-going projects will be up-ended in January.

Bureaucrat that I am, I loved one thing  in particular about his plan for the environment.  Under Protect California’s Coastline and Ocean Resources (Item 3, page 5), he wrote:

…Complete and implement California’s Climate Adaptation Plan aimed at protecting against sea level rise, salt water intrusion, and increased erosion.

I am nearly overcome.  He is aware of an existing planning document!  He wants to implement it!  He will draw on already existing work, rather than have his administration start from scratch!  He knows enough about the state agencies to refer to some of their work and thinks it is good enough to keep it going!  This is amazing talk from a politician, this knowledgeable citing-of-plans.  How fortuitous that we also draw on that adaptation plan!  It suggests that multiple state agencies may actually be seeing momentum from coordinating their planning and working from a common information base.   How extraordinary.

 I wonder if Meg Whitman could name any of the major plans in any of the agencies.  Climate Change AdaptationCalifornia Transportation PlanCalifornia Water PlanFloodSAFE?  The California Fire Plan?  I mean, she probably could, because you just put a major issue in the middle of the words California and Plan.  But it seems as if Jerry Brown has (at least) a rough idea what is in them (which is the best I could do for transportation and fire and stuff).  Which is surprisingly encouraging for low-level agency staff.


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2 responses to “Jerry Brown is still not talking about water.

  1. Brad

    Isn’t this the advantage of having a career politician? They actually understand how the agencies work and what they produce (instead of thinking that the correct answer is to just blow them up.) Thus he would know to look for the report. We Californians hate these career politicians. We love them clueless noobs.

    – “The field is turbulent” I see what you did there, very nice.

  2. Gov. Moonbeam is concentrating on the water supply on the Moon.