This is great.

This article by Mike Taugher of the Contra Costa Times is beautifully done.  When Fiorina asserts her campaign theme (the ESA is costing California tens of thousands of jobs), Taugher knows enough about the field to correct her and the record.

Fiorina said the Delta water crisis is a “huge piece of my platform,” in which she argues that an increase in water supply is essential to creating jobs.

But her attacks are not always accurate. Delta pumps were never turned off last year — they were dialed down but that was mostly because of dry conditions and not endangered species rules. And she has exaggerated the number of jobs lost.

Mr. Taugher’s article (at least) twice points out that Fiorina is exaggerating at best, lying at worst, about facts that she knows are inaccurate.  I’m very glad that we have a half dozen or so water reporters who are too knowledgeable to repeat campaign slogans as facts.  I hope the political reporters who cover the campaigns are as professional as our water reporters.


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2 responses to “This is great.

  1. sweetcoalminer

    I think she could use a basic science class in general.

  2. janetm

    I think “lying at worst” just about covers it.