That day is not yet.

Man, all the news stories are dull these days. Is this what blogging in a normal water year is going to be like?

I am working on several posts on water and markets. One day you’ll come by and see eight posts at once. If you have questions on water and markets, now is a good time to ask them.


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2 responses to “That day is not yet.

  1. Find me some farmers who don’t fear losing their water rights if they market their water.

  2. How about the moral issues of water markets?
    * Of transferring water out of a basin when people/fish/crops in your own basin need that water?
    * Of transferring water to an area packed with people, rather than delivering to a subsidized crop (maybe within your own basin)?
    * And what about the Native American ethic against mixing waters of different streams – does that have a place in the “modern” world?