Maybe a flamethrower would be better.

This is an analogy, so I am properly ashamed.  I’ll put it under the fold so innocents don’t have to see if they don’t want to.

I feel like my conversations with (almost all) water market enthusiasts go like this:

Them:  I want matches!

Me:  You do?  What for?  What kind of matches?

Them:  Really want ’em.  Matches are good.

Me:  Ok, but what do you want matches for?

Them:  A lot of matches.  Some of them long handled matches, too.  Right now, I don’t have matches, so that is bad.

Me:  Do you want to start a fire?  Do you want to play pick-up sticks?  Do you want to build a mini log cabin?  What are the matches FOR?  We have other things that might get you what you want even better, if you tell me what you want.

Them:  We need policies that will get me lots and lots of matches.  Other countries have matches.

Me:  Most times, matches are for fires.  Do you want a little fire in a fireplace to keep you warm?  Do you want a controlled burn for fuels removal?  Do you want to start a forest fire?  What do you WANT?


So I went around my house this morning shouting MATCHES like a four year old and had a great time of it.  You can do the same thing with HAMMER!  But the point is that most people arguing for water markets aren’t arguing for a purpose, they’re arguing for a tool.  I think that markets are a great big jackhammer of a tool, so before we pull that out, I want to know what we’ll have when we’re done.  Convince me that the end state is good, and a great big jackhammer is the way to get it done, and I’m in.  Until you do that, I’m gonna keep asking what we’re getting out the matches FOR.


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4 responses to “Maybe a flamethrower would be better.

  1. funny (wo)man, you…

  2. I want matches b/c I am cold and a fire is handy.

    substitute markets for matches and “highest and best use” for fire and you’re done.

    Econ 1.

  3. OK. I want markets because I am cold and a highest and best use is handy.

    Help me out here. Please explain.

  4. Onthepublicrecord

    I have grand plans to write a few posts on this, but sloth may prevail. We’ll see.