I’m quite fond of wrestling, myself.

Really? Glenn County is dropping out of NCWA? Because NCWA has moved in a direction that doesn’t suit their needs? What’s that about? My first guess is that NCWA is mostly dominated by water districts that support water transfers, since their rights are generous and valuable. But Glenn County supervisors, elected from the broader population,  are feeling more public pressure to keep their water home, lest someone in Los Angeles have a lawn somewhere. Perhaps the debate over the Peripheral Canal is bringing those different positions into relief.

The text minutes from the Glenn County BoS meeting aren’t very illuminating. Maybe I’ll watch the video later. Two thoughts:

  • I freaking love that I can find the minutes of public meetings in seconds and watch the parts that interest me at my leisure.  This is an amazing boon to the citizenry.
  • See?  Alliances shifting and splitting.  We’re gonna see a lot of this.  Hard time to be an overarching representative organization.

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