Romans 3:23

Dear Mr. Weiser,

I write to inform you that at 9:20 this evening, Tuesday the 30th of March, the sprinklers at the Sacramento Bee (east side island strip) were on during the rain.  I trust you would want to know, and will discuss the matter with the groundskeepers immediately.  These things happen to the best of us; there’s no shame in an honest mistake, although I myself have unplugged my sprinkler controller to prevent exactly this occurrence.  It is early in the year for automatic sprinkler operations, wouldn’t you say?  I wish you the best of luck and hope you get good cooperation in your efforts to correct the Bee’s practices.

As ever, I remain, your humble and obedient servant,

On the Public Record

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One response to “Romans 3:23

  1. For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God …

    including the City of Angels, which keeps the lawn around City Hall marsh-like so as to keep homeless people from sleeping on it.

    And the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, which is offering $1 per square foot to homeowners to rip out their lawns, but has lawn around most of its substations throughout Los Angeles