Also, I don’t expect to buy commercial pomegranate juice again.

I’m a petty and vindictive person, so if I were the boss of Interior and Westlands had thrown a big fit in my office last week, I’d be quietly telling Fish and Wildlife to look around for species that need listing on the west side of the San Joaquin.  (Then, that species would be the reason that we can’t put large solar projects in the region and all my efforts would backfire, as revenge and escalation inevitably do.)  Anyway, that’s why I was amazed when I saw that the California Tiger Salamander was listed today.  Did the boss of Interior read my mind?!  But then it wasn’t a federal listing, it was a state listing.  And the range map isn’t precise enough to tell me whether it would be an irritant to Westlands.  In a boring turn of events, it looks like the listing was unrelated and Sec. Salazar is negotiating in good faith from the Interim Something Or Other Plan.  Boooo!  Booooo!

Picture ripped off from here. They’re pretty cute, with those yellow dots.

Sensitive souls should not look below the fold.  They will be SHOCKED!

And I’d demand fellatio before I let them back into the room at BDCP.  But that’s just me.


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7 responses to “Also, I don’t expect to buy commercial pomegranate juice again.

  1. nowimps

    There are already federally listed species in the vicinity of Westlands WD such as SJ kit fox and blunt-nosed leopard lizards. Salamanders aren’t found in Westlands, but are to the west in vernal pools of the coast range:

  2. Also, are you telling me that pomegranates mostly come from Westlands? That would suck, since I’ve only just gotten into them the last few years, plus they’re on the short list of fruits & vegetables that excite my grain- and meat-loving daughter.

  3. onthepublicrecord

    It means “blowjob.”

    Yeah, sadly. I think the Resnicks own just about all the big commercial pomegranate acreage anywhere. I can get local pomegranates. But I won’t be buying pomegranate juice from supermarkets anymore.

    (Unless someone tells me about a non-Resnick source.)

  4. I know what fellatio means; I’m just surprised that you’d be demanding it from someone you dislike.

    Or maybe you meant the salamanders, in which case I’m even more confused.

  5. elizardbreath

    Is it possible to fellate a salamander? Difficult, at least.

  6. Looks like the salamanders are not particularly in the Westlands: more Coast Ranges from Tracy through to the Salinas watershed and then the Sierra foothills.