Scale, motherfuckers.

Sixty Minutes is about to tell you that the terrible drought cost California 130,000 almond trees!  ONE HUNDRED and THIRTY THOUSAND almond trees!  HOLY SHIT!

Half the country’s fruits and nuts come from this area, and so the impact is imminent.

What if you people who aren’t personal friends with an almond grower NEVER TASTE AN ALMOND AGAIN!!  Is there any hope for New Yorkers who like almond granola?

(130,000 almond trees)*(1 acre/105 almond trees) = 1238 ACRES OF TREES!!!!

(1,238 almond acres)/(710,000 acres of almond trees in CA) = 0.0017

That’s almost 0.2% change in the California almond acreage!!!

Even with this devastating loss, the Californian almond harvest this year was 1.6 billion pounds shelled (up from 1.3 billion pounds shelled last year) accounting for 85% of the world’s almond production.  C’mon, Sixty Minutes.  I know tractors ripping out trees look awesome, but so does the annual Almond Almanac.  A few seconds of searching would have given you some perspective on this.  It would have told you how big the imminent impact is going to be.  And that even with the drought, there were more almonds harvested this year than ever before.

UPDATE:  You know what cracks me up?  1,200 acres of almonds isn’t even big on Woolf’s own farm.  Woolf Farming Company evidently farms about 20,000 acres.  So they ripped out almonds on 6% of their acreage (the rest is evidently in other crops).  I mean really.


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4 responses to “Scale, motherfuckers.

  1. Travis James

    Thanks for the quick research! 60 Minutes did a horrible job.

  2. elizardbreath

    Is there any hope for New Yorkers who like almond granola?

    Damn. That storage unit I have filled with almonds was probably a mistake, then.

  3. onthepublicrecord

    I was specifically thinking of you when I wrote that, LB. But I would always send you almonds if the industry collapsed. I know people. I can get almonds.

    (Actually, they grow wild along the bike path, escaped from the Blue Diamond factory, no doubt.)

  4. Doug O


    Kick @$$ blog posts, as always. From record tomato crops, to more almonds than last year, to 20 year old almond trees being cut down (hmmm… how old do almond trees live before they reach the end of their lifespan? oh yes, 20-25 years, according to the Almond Board…), to millions of dollars of crop subsidies to Woolf’s company (not to mention the inherent taxpayer subsidy of not having to pay interest on the costs of constructing the CVP)… it’s really a shame that this was what the public was treated to.

    Not to mention the throwaway lines about salmon fishing… WTF. It’s enough to make a person decide to give up eating almonds…

    60 Minutes’ coverage was NUTS.