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Plumbing is not destiny.

I often have a hard time understanding Devin Nunes, which is fine, since I am not his intended audience. Normally, I would use “narrow political interest” to explain politicians, but ever since Devin Nunes threw a fit and scolded (IIRC) … Continue reading


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ACWA’s alternate Delta Plan: the policy letter.

Every time someone complains to the Delta Stewardship Council that the Plan is all wrong, Mr. Isenberg smiles politely and asks the complainer to submit a better plan. He always strikes me as completely serious; he would love to see … Continue reading

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More meta than I generally like.

Hey friends, Having my blog* blocked at work turns out to be a bigger deal than I expected. I’ve heard from my friends at other Resources departments that this is agency-wide. It haven’t made any decisions or anything, but my … Continue reading


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A schism over ag water conservation?

Dr. Gleick might or might not agree with my last post arguing that the PPIC report has an underlying theme of extracting water from ag. His complaint is elsewhere, that the report doesn’t recommend agricultural water conservation and include yields … Continue reading


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GCID’s base flow is 720,000 AF/year.

Rep. Nunes’ losing his shit and the Delta Stewardship Plan (which I am just about to read) are exciting and dramatic and all, but the most interesting water news I’ve seen is this story about the Sacramento River Settlement Contractors … Continue reading

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He has the good sense to turn off his comments, at least.

It is hard to know whether Representative Devin Nunes writes his blog himself.  The posts are all in the first person singular, and one should assume that someone claiming to write a blog is the real author.  On the other … Continue reading


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Fish, farms, feedback loops.

With the House Congressional hearings and Judge Wanger’s decision to allow pumping for a couple weeks right now (on the grounds that the pumps are allowed to kill about 23,000 juvenile salmon and so far have only killed about 1,200, … Continue reading


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A good synopsis; not new thought.

I was real interested in what the Congressional Research Service had to say about drought, but got puzzled reading the actual report. It didn’t add anything, or talk about what Reclamation should do, and I didn’t understand the point of … Continue reading


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