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No relevant water commentary.

It is just as well that I am not writing water commentary until May.  The forces in play right now really aren’t water related.  Devin Nunes has been our own special topic here for nearly a decade, and now he might be brought down for covering up Russian infiltration in the Trump White House?  Friends, I ask you.  Be fair.  How was I supposed to predict that?  Just last week I thought I’d point out that Nunes has an unusual amount of leverage, as Majority Chair of the Intelligence Committee, and that if San Joaquin Valley growers want any particular kind of immigration enforcement from the Trump administration, they were almost uniquely positioned to get what they want. Growers used to own every inch of Nunes, and he had a bargaining chip that few others have.  But that was last week.  Now we know that Nunes is wholly Trump-owned and I’m glad I didn’t write that post.

So I don’t see the major stories in Water being about water this year.  I wonder how the State Water Contractors are going to pay for repairs and structural improvements to Oroville Dam. Besides that, I’m watching the labor shortage play out and waiting for news of a trade war.  If I weren’t scared of a nuclear war, I could almost enjoy myself.



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Hello friends.  I’ve gotten absorbed into a good project.  For the moment, I don’t have time to think about water policy.  I will be back in a couple months.  All is well.

Have a good Spring!


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