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The LADWP UWMP is only occasionally accurate.

DroughtMath is doing fantastic work analyzing LADWP’s Urban Water Management Plan.  The slides are great.  I love this sort of analysis, and read every post.  This isn’t my bailiwick, but I have some vague thoughts on the management plan process.

  • DWR does not “vet” UWMPs for accuracy, because that would require the sort of work that DroughtMath is doing.  To my knowledge, DWR checks the plans for completeness, not accuracy.
  • NRDC’s suit is very appropriate.
  • I have no reason to think LADWP’s UWMP is an outlier.  I don’t know firsthand, but suspect most UWMPs are equally aspirational.
  • Lois Henry’s column a couple weeks back is a beautiful example of the difficulty of getting solid answers to questions about water availability for development.
  • Somehow, cities keep not running out of water.  I don’t think that is because of the good work in their UWMPs.  I attribute that to the surprising amount of slack we’ve had to work with, but that comes from a legacy of substantial water waste.  Getting better (decoupling water use from population) is a good thing, but that starting point is nothing to be proud of.


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