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Different context, but…

What an interesting quote from Jerry Brown:

“We need a centralized base of arbitrary intervention to overcome the distributed political power that is blocking forward progress,” Brown said.

I’m not a fan of desert solar, but it does seem as if Gov. Brown is emerging from his intense focus on the budget. Could get interesting around here.

LATER: I got an email asking for more context. I haven’t heard that Gov. Brown is turning his attention to water. My perennial complaint is that the state is incapable of making decisions, especially decisions that create winners and losers. I’ve long thought that there are too many veto points in all of water’s different venues. So I am very intrigued to hear the governor making the same critique and sounding willing to make decisions that ultimately must be arbitrary.


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At brunch a while ago, a friend told me that Egypt (which depends on the lower Nile) has declared that it would bomb Sudan if Sudan were to start building hydropower dams on the top of the Nile. I had never considered that solution to the tailender problem, although maybe Paolo Bacigalupi has.


Borders Books is closing, putting 11,000 people out of work. That’s about the same as the number of agricultural jobs in the Delta (13,000). If I don’t want to be a hypocrite, I should either care more about the jobs lost in the Borders closing, or care less about the prospect of losing Delta agriculture to climate change and a Peripheral Canal.


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